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 The History of the Eastern Michigan Lacrosse Team

The Eastern Michigan Men’s Club Lacrosse team was founded in fall of 1999 and played the first game the following spring against Central Michigan. A notable fan in attendance that day was John Paul, now the University of Michigan’s Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach.

Hardy Shaw was the original student at Eastern Michigan that started the team but there were big contributions from Jim Bauer, Jon Bowling, Brett Pedersen, Sean Swanson, Dave Herbert, Renn Moon and Josh Landon. All of whom served on the team executive board respectfully. It wouldn't have been possible to have a team without the support of Bob England and Lou Gianino who worked at the Rec/IM at the time. The EMU lacrosse team also received funding from the Student Government two out of the first four years to help purchase equipment.

EMU’s lacrosse team’s first head coach was hired in 2001- Ed Maloney - who is now the head coach at Sienna Heights University. The team joined the CCLA in the fall of 2002 and won the Wooden Shoe tournament at Hope College in the spring. EMU made it to the Division 2 final against Calvin College in our inaugural season with CCLA and had a last-minute comeback to tie the game after being down by 3 goals, but fell short in overtime.

The team was re-founded on December 10th, 2013 into the National Collegiate Lacrosse League (NCLL) by Ryan Biddlecombe and Alec Pennington after a 4-year absence.Since that time, the team has been operated and managed by a series of student athletes from the team serving on the Executive Board.

The Eastern Michigan Lacrosse team and Eastern Michigan Lacrosse Heritage Association played their first ever scrimmage together on October 31st, 2015 in Rynearson Stadium. Both programs look to continue the bond and look forward to building upon this relationship.

Eastern Michigan also has support from the Wyandotte Nation in Oklahoma. Every year a group of EMU players and coaches make the travel to host an annual camp for the tribal student athletes. The Wyandotte Nation has graced the EMU lacrosse team to wear the Turtle symbol as a patch on their uniforms as a sign of respect and longevity.

With continued support from the Student Government and assistance from the EMU Athletic Department, the EMU lacrosse team competes in its home games at Rynearson Stadium, and represents EMU in the Mid-West Division 2 competition in the NCLL. 


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